Monday, December 15, 2014


      This is the Canon's Little wonder: Nifty Fifty.. I've added this to my equipments list recently.. In spite of its price and build quality, Its optical quality is very impressive.. A definitive step up from the kit lens.. Great for portraiture and low light shooting..

      It's a prime lens so we don't get any zoom, but they tends to give better sharpness and color.. One more major advantage using a prime is their bigger aperture.. Bigger aperture is great for low light indoor shots where they allow you to have 2-3 stop faster shutter speeds and also for portraiture where they can produce very nice blurred backgrounds..

      Second one is the first test pic from this lens.. The Buddha from my computer desk.. You can surely see the amount of detail this lens can give and also the blurred background..

      In the future, I hope to get some really beautiful pictures from this lens..

      I write mostly in Hindi in this blog, but this time I've chosen English.. Because when you've to talk about technology, you don't have all the words in Hindi.. If you choose to write by the way, it becomes Hinglish now and then.. and that's not seems to feel beautiful.. That's why..  :)

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